The G.E.E.K Podcast

Get ready to G.E.E.K with Dan, Shaun (Steve) and Reg – Each week they meet up to discuss what’s hot and what’s happening in the world of games, electronics, entertainment and… erm… komics! With the occasional special guest along for the ride, they cover the latest news, reviews and anything else they get distracted by during the week (reddit!). Not forgetting the always (mostly) comical “Just one more thing”.

The G.E.E.K podcast ended it’s 4 year run at the end of 2016, but all the episodes are still here to enjoy and discover the secret origins of Nerd OD!

Theme remixed from “Latin Industries” by Kevin McLeod ( CCA3.0

Produced by Studio Thirty Thousand

Part of the NOD Network

Featuring – DanReg & Steve

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