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Ever wanted to start a podcast but don’t know how? Got a great idea but just need that helping hand to get started?

Well that was us 4 years ago. We had an idea and a desire to have our voices heard but didn’t know where to start! With very little out there to truly help, it took us a LONG time to get started. But 4 years and 150+ episodes later, we don’t mind saying we have it down. We think we’ve perfected the process, finding the best web hosts, editing software and equipment to deliver quality content with minimal time and effort.

So what do we do with this knowledge? Well over the years we’ve spoken to a LOT of people who have commented that they’d LOVE to do what we do, but don’t know where to start. It all sounds oddly familiar… I mean 4 years ago that was US. If there was someone back then who could have just given us that little push and advice to get started we could have gotten started much more quickly, hitting the ground running with quality content instead of our amateurish first few episodes!

Well that’s where the NOD Network comes in. We’d built up a portfolio of 3 great shows and felt like we should share our experience and knowledge with those who need it. Take our first new network partner- David Olsen, host of Whisky & Words Podcast. He’d had an idea for a podcast for a while but didn’t know where to start. We gave David that initial advice and support he needed to record his first episode, then posted it online, got him onto iTunes and gave him a home to post the episode each week. Could he have done all this on his own? Sure. Would it have happened so quickly and easily? The man himself says absolutely not!…




So with a portfolio of 4 great shows and much more in the pipeline (including a 2nd show from our first partner, David!), we want to expand further! If you’re reading this and it sounds even remotely interesting then get in touch! Fill in the form below with your details and idea for a pod and we’ll be in touch with the next steps. We’re not looking to make money out of this, we’re just looking to grow our network and help out some people who are just like we were 4 years ago. We’ll push your content via our website and social media, you’ll push our network through your content, everyone’s a winner!

So what are you waiting for? Fill in the form and take the first step into starting your podcast today!

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